Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm Changing My Name

After a morning where I was summoned almost a dozen times by my daughter to her bedroom, from my son calling me from the family room, from my daughter again, this time yelling out "mommy" from the bathroom and then my son again from the kitchen, I've decided to make it official and change my name. I hereby announce that much like the artist formerly known as Prince, I am the crazy lady in the house formerly known as Mommy. I still need to find a catchier name or maybe a cool symbol that best represents the new me, but if it means that I won't be called upon to change the channel on the television set, wipe someone's behind, deposit laundry left on the floor and place it in the hamper, or clean up after someone spills their Fruit Loops on the carpet, then that's just fine with me. I actually announced my decision to change my name today while we were out and about in the car but unfortunately, my plan backfired. "I'm changing my name," I announced to my kids. "From now on, you can stop calling me Mommy." To which my son replied, "Okay then, Beth can you please turn on the radio?" Looks like Mommy isn't such a bad name after all.


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