Friday, August 04, 2006

Pet Peeve

Before I launch into my confession du jour, I want to say that I am an animal lover who really does care about the two cats I've owned for the past 13 years. Despite the fact that I adore Rudy and Oliver (named after the former NYC mayor and the first Manhattan building I lived in), I do have a major pet peeve. Having to clean up after they've made some gross mess right after I've had our carpets shampooed. As my cats start approaching their twilight years, they've decided they don't like their litter box anymore. So they proceed to drop anchor all over my basement carpet, creating an obstacle course littered with cat poop, vomit and hair balls. And who do you think is the lucky person who gets to clean up after them once they've spewed their latest concoction on my newly shampooed rug? The same person who is spewing venom about having to clean up after them right now! It's bad enough that I have to tidy up after my kids, who like to leave their clothes littered across the floor of our den, or my husband, who can go to the grocery store to pick up cat food, but doesn't take the cans out of the bag and put them away in the pantry, I've also got to race after two elderly cats who don't think twice about yakking up their Fancy Feast meal right after I've cleaned the floors. I know, being the owner of an animal comes with its ups and downs. My cats are quite loveable when they jump up on my couch and curl up at my feet waiting for me to stroke them under their chin. But guys, spare me those Mr. Clean moments and skip that after dinner snack if you're feeling queasy.


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