Sunday, January 06, 2008


It's a sad day in Feldman-ville. My five year old son, who has been addicted to his Nintendo the last two months and can show his friends how to maneuver through eight levels on Super Mario Bros., and even has a blister on his index finger from playing the darn thing so much, has officially lost his prized possession. He had it before we went out to dinner with our friends and their kids tonight but after he got the chance to ride home with them in their car, he jumped out without his Nintendo and then when he attempted to find it, it was gone.
Into thin air - his favorite toy has just completely disappeared. I can't imagine how no one has been able to find it. I made sure to check the table at the restaurant and even the floor and even called the maitre'd but there was no sign of the Nintendo.
And so, my little boy went to bed in tears tonight - his favorite toy in the whole wide world is gone. Gone with the wind. I bet Rhett and Scarlett never thought their romance would be reduced to a story about a missing Nintendo but such is life when your world revolves around technology. And now, my dilemma is do I buy him a new DS with 4 new games or let him mope around the house until his next birthday?
I know I should teach him a lesson and make him appreciate his toys by showing him what can happen when you lose them, but when he flashes those puppy dog eyes at me and the tears start flowing down his precious cheeks, I just melt. Something tells me I'll be hitting Target tomorrow for a black Nintendo with a handy dandy Sponge Bob carrying case. And this time around - like an episode of the Brady Bunch we're instituting a new rule pronto...Mom always said - don't bring the Nintendos outside the house!

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At 4:14 PM, Blogger chessiakelley said...

Aw, a lost Nintendo. Well, its probably the biggest tragedy of your son's life so far, but it might be a nice opportunity to retire the video games altogether. Lots of New Yorkers won't even leave the house without a book to read on the subway, or during those inevitable moments when we are left waiting. It seems your son is using a nintendo to fill the same role. Now that he is 5 and reading, could be time for a swap. Just a thought, I know everyone has different opinions on children and video games. I was personally not allowed near them as a kid (hence my book fetish). I'm working for the New York Kids Club right now which offers a variety of innovative programs for kids at 4 Manhattan locations, and I thought your son might be intersted in the sports/cooking/dance/rockclimbing ect. courses. You can see their programming at New York Kids Club

Good luck with the Nintendo problem. Don't worry, Mom always knows best.


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