Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I think I have an addiction. It's not chocolate, alcohol or crack for that matter. It's much more dangerous. It involves Visa, Mastercard and my Ann Taylor Loft card. Yes, I am a drive by shopper. Actually, it's more like a walk-by but nevertheless, if I pass a store with a great outfit in the window, or if I'm wearing a pair of boots that are in desperate need of repair, I don't run to the nearest blacksmith...I bolt to the closest shoe store. Just the other day I was wearing a smashing chocolate brown skirt and sweater set that I had picked up at Loft but I had a major fashion dilemma. The outfit looked great - but the shoes - atrocious. I hopped on the train that morning and knew that before I set foot in my office that my credit card would find it's way into the hands of a very happy store clerk. I strategically mapped out my plan by giving myself six shoe store shopping choices on the way to my building. Lucky for me, by the third walk-by, I had hit the jackpot. Chocolate brown suede boots that were wide enough to go around my larger than life calves. I proudly whipped out my credit card...saw the magical approved symbol flash, told the girl to hide away my hideous old shoes and I proudly walked out of the store with my new purchase guiding the way. But it didn't stop with the boots. My addiction also hit me at lunch too. Especially since Loft was flashing that enticing 75% sale sign in the window. I already bought three outfits yesterday but noticed in one of their windows a really cute sweater and belt combo that I thought would look absolutely fabu on me. And mom just gave me a $100 gift card for my birthday. Looks like the magnetic pull from Loft would draw me in again at noon. Luckily by 5:30 pm, I had to hit the train so I couldn't race in for one last look...unless of course I left a few minutes early so I could scoop up that pair of earrings I noticed earlier today that perfectly matched my newly purchased sweater/belt combo. It's not like I'm a gambler or anything. I just love to purchase things on the fly and since Ann Taylor Loft is on nearly every Manhattan street corner, they happen to get first crack at my wallet. Some say that my addiction could be much worse. I could have a Jimmy Choo fixation or a Gucci fetish but I'm way more sensible when it comes to my walk-bys. If the price tag screams "two weeks salary" then they're not getting my sale. In the interest of time, proximity and price, I keep my walk-bys simple and expeditious. And lucky for Ann Taylor Loft, they have me at "Hello, may I help you?"


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