Monday, February 25, 2008

Boynton Beach Memories, Take 2

For those of you who have been following Role Mommy for awhile, you may remember that last year my family and I took an unexpected trip to Florida after my dad suffered a heart attack.  Thankfully, my dad survived and he's back on the tennis courts and golf courses in Boynton and looking as young as ever.  You may also remember that when I wrote about my experience last year, I tried to capture the essence of Boynton as overheard by the many senior citizens who populate the cafes, beauty parlors, supermarkets and malls.  And so, this year, when I returned to Florida for a few days my comedy antennas were ready to pick up some priceless material and here are a few of the conversations that took place within earshot of my table.
Scene 1:
Man and friend sitting at the Palm Isle Cafe talking about their final resting place:
Man:  So my wife and I bought our cemetary plots.
Friend:  That's nice.
Man:  Oh, but that's not all.  We arranged so that if I go first, I get the front of the plot.  
Friend:  What if your wife goes first.
Man:  I still get the front.
Scene 2:
Woman and friend sitting at Lucille's Barbeque talking about fruit
Woman:  I really enjoy eating oranges.
Friend:  That's nice.
Woman:  But I don't eat any old oranges.  I like to buy my oranges near that store over by Walmart.  Sometimes I'll eat more than one orange a day, but then it gives me gas, so I try not to have more than one a day.
Woman:  That's nice.
Scene 3: 
My dad giving us a tour of Wellington street in Delray Beach
Dad:  You see that hospital over there?  That's the hospital where Uncle Harvey had his heart attack.
Me:  That's nice
Dad:  Oh - and you see that medical center over there?  That's where your Aunt Bevy had her cataract operation.  And over to the left is the hospital where your Uncle Abe just passed away.  And a few blocks down is  the hospital where Aunt Kay visited before she died.
Me:  Dad...can you change the subject?  Your world famous Florida hospital tour is making me very depressed. 


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