Thursday, June 01, 2006


rolemommyconfessions What is it about the summer and the state of my butt? Is it that I don't pay attention to the fact that it's growing all winter and then suddenly, it's June 1st and I stroll past a store window and bam! There it is...big, round and in need of a gym visit. Every year it's the same thing. My butt is huge, I should go on a diet. And so, I join Weight Watchers for about two weeks, lose about three pounds, gain it back and start wearing bigger sizes to hide my protruding posterior. Yesterday, as I walked to my office from the train station I actually fantasized about which bodies in front of me I'd like to swap with. Hmmm, she has nice legs, that one is really least I'm thinner than that lady. Will this body jealousy ever end? I've always hated my legs and think about lipo but would never do it. I also remember losing a ton of weight after my daughter was born and although I was sick all the time, I looked damn good in my cute little size four outfits. Now I'm hearing that Splenda, my favorite new sweetner of all time, causes bloating, gas, and all other wonderful things that enhance the look of my bubble butt. I hope I'm not alone in my quest for a smaller tush - I'm not vain - I just want to enjoy wearing some cute outfits this summer without my thighs rubbing together and without having to see the knee fat on my legs that hasn't gone away since I was 12 years old. Okay - I obviously have some body issues...but who doesn't. How does your butt look these days? Care to share? Then respond when you can!


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