Sunday, November 19, 2006

BUY OUR NEW BOOK...Peeing in Peace!!!

Are you a multi tasking mom pulled in a million directions by your precocious kids, demanding boss and starved for attention spouse? Do you find the only time you are able to steal a moment to yourself is when you’re behind the doors of a bathroom stall? Then you are in desperate need of a play-date with Peeing in Peace.
Between the pages of this book you’ll find your community, confidantes and co-conspirators. Packed with hilarious stories and side splitting parenting tips, we’ll help you navigate the choppy waters of work, home and everywhere in between.Whether you’re a working mom practicing the daily juggle, expectant mom wondering what your new life will be like, or stay at home mom who’s thinking of one day dusting off those old business suits and jumping back into the game, this is the only humorous how-to you’ll ever need.Who else but two successful time-strapped busy working moms can offer a brutally honest yet beautifully inspiring glimpse of what it’s really like to be a modern day working mother.
So grab a latte, enjoy the quiet and dive in.
Click Here to place your pre-order on us, you won't be disappointed! For more information about the book, visit our Peeing in Peace blog.


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