Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm a Crappy Disciplinarian

Funny that MomLogic  ran an interesting post today about discipline throughout the decades and tonight I failed miserably at keeping my kids in line.  Picture the scene:  A toy store.  We're on a mission to buy three gifts for parties that are scheduled this weekend, the store is closing in less than 20 minutes and my kids are like kids in a candy/toy store.   In a word, wild.  After spending 10 minutes getting gifts and cards, the kids meandered to the front of the store and then the touching began.
My daughter was obsessed with the webkinz display and kept on "girlhandling" every animal she saw.  My son in the meantime was attached to the candy section - pawing the sour gummy worms and chocolate and while I attempted to pay I tried to use the sternest voice I had to keep then in line - but do you think they listened and put their hands down?  Oh no.  Not my two little angels. It wasn't until the store manager told them to stop touching the toys that they finally stopped.  Thoroughly embarrassed, I grabbed our gifts and we left the store and I proceeded to inform both of them that they wouldn't be seeing the inside of a toy store for several months and they shouldn't expect any more goodies until their birthdays (in April and May).  
Then we drove home and I realized that I had bought them a gift (before they had acted up) and while I initially planned not to give it to them, I was tired and I acquiesced and gave them the toy anyway.  Bad move.  
Later that night when my husband came home, he instantly sent the kids to their rooms and after having a heart to heart with my son, he discovered I bought them a gift despite their horrendous behavior.   And so, now I'm being made to feel guilty for buying my kids a gift as punishment for misbehaving.  Okay - I know - I'm a pushover but I had been working all day and all I wanted was peace and quiet.  Is that so bad?  I guess I should have put the toy back and let my kids cry about the fact that they were going home empty-handed, but instead, I did the opposite and now feel like a total loser. I can't keep my kids in line in public and my husband thinks my kids walk all over me when I tell them to stop being bad.  I'm not a bad mom.  Just a tired one.   

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At 4:19 PM, Blogger MoziEsmé said...

Boy, can I relate. So many times I do what I absolutely swore I would not do before having kids. But when you're so darn tired and overworked and underappreciated and just trying to survive, you do whatever you can for a few moments of peace. And when I actually do get those few moments of peace (rare but sometimes) I come back a new improved mom, I think. At least a surviving mom, which is more than I think I'll be at times . . .


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