Saturday, November 25, 2006


I have never felt so horrible in all of my life. As if I didn’t have enough to feel guilty about…kids, work, husband, …you can now add friends to that list.
So, in an effort to see my friends, to carve out more time with them and make sure they know that even though I don’t see them very often, they are so dear to me, I decided to throw a party. I called all of my friends, the old ones, new ones, long lost ones and even a few acquaintances who I always wanted to elevate to friend status but never found the time to cultivate the relationship. I called them all., drink, be merry, make friends with my friends, spend time together…know how much your friendship means to me. Sounds great, right? Well it was great – everyone RSVP’d, everyone was coming and everyone was psyched about seeing each other. And then, it happened. My husband was called out of town on business and I had to cancel our big friend fiesta. I went down the list, called everyone I needed to, or so I thought. I missed one. I forgot to call a very lovely old childhood friend who I never ever see anymore.
So, the day arrives, now since I’m no longer hosting a party, I high tail out of town and take my children to visit another old friend that we never see. I arrived back home that night, walked in the door, checked my answering machine and instantly felt the blood drain from my face. Oops – oh shit. Seems my forgotten friend packed up her husband and two children and drove 30 minutes expecting a party but found a locked up empty house instead.


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