Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Princess and the Band Aid

If there ever was a sitcom called "The Princess and the Pea," my daughter would have the lead role. Today, she starred in an episode I'd like to call "The Princess and the Band Aid." You see, my determined, yet sensitive seven-year-old always has a comment about the clothes I select for her, the food I prepare for her, and even the band aid that I handed her this morning after she complained that her finger was causing her tremendous pain. It's enough to drive you to the point of insanity. And this morning, took the cake. After picking out clothes that she actually didn't fight with me to wear, she began complaining that her finger was hurting as she threw in that she didn't want to go to Hebrew School because she was in so much pain. I pretty much ignored her whining, handed her a few band aids, threw on her coat, shuffled her and my son into the car and we were on our way to our morning ritual destination...Dunkin Donuts. Somehow, while purchasing the usual, Nesquik and a donut with chocolate frosting, there were no complaints about ailments so I figured we were in the clear. I got the kids back into the car, and raced off to Hebrew school when the whining began to rear its ugly head yet again. "My finger, it hurts so much!" my daughter wailed. "Let me see what it looks like," I replied. "NOOOOO!!!! DON'T TOUCH IT, IT HURTS!" she screamed. At this point, I know all the other parents were staring at me as I shouted back at her to stop whining and let me have a careful examination. "Let me see your finger!" As she continued to scream, I yanked the bandage off and noticed she had put the band aid on so tight that she was cutting off the circulation. At this point, amidst tears, more pleas to not have to go to Hebrew school and a mangled band aid, I inspected the finger and it was a little red, but there was no sign of infection, so I insisted she head to her classroom. As I paraded her through a crowd of parents and kids, with tears streaming down her face, she approached her room and thankfully, a nice teaching assistant came out and like Florence Nightingale, went for her Sarah Heartburn routine, hook, line and sinker. As I walked behind the two of them, I watched as my daughter was escorted to the nurses' office for some ice to soothe a finger that had been suffocated by a band-aid. And thus ends today's saga of the "Princess and the Band Aid." Tomorrow's installment...the Princess and the Winter Coat...


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