Friday, February 16, 2007

The Guilt Trip

I recently went out of town on a business trip that took me away from my family for a total of 36 hours (more or less). I made sure to book the flight out to Los Angeles so that I'd be able to fly home in time to take the kids to school the moment I set foot in the door.
You see, business trips for mothers are really guilt trips. You get the guilt from your kids for leaving them at home or forgetting to bring them back something cool from your trip - note to self - pricey items from the LAX airport are not the way to go next go round. You get the guilt from your spouse who doesn't want you to be away from the family and proceeds to tell you what an incredibly exhausting day he had without you as he tended to your kids every need.
Some women even get guilt from their animals - dogs or cats who leave them something special to remember them by right before their ready to bolt out the door and head for the airport.
But despite the guilt that I feel whenever I go away, I am guilty of something far worse. I enjoy being away from home every once in a while. Yes - I am guilty - I enjoy king sized beds whose only inhabitant is me for the night. I especially love pillow top mattresses and those cozy robes that they offer at upscale hotels.
I feel guilty that I enjoy reading USA Today cover to cover - I'd prefer it were the New York Times, but unfortunately in L.A., USA Today has monopolized the hotel circuit. I enjoy watching the news from my luxury bathroom or from the tub on the wall of a hotel I stayed at in Chicago that was sheer bliss after I endured a long plane ride while battling an awful cold.
I feel guilty that I adore room service. Sure they charge me 40 bucks for an omelette, but I love that I can eat by myself, with no one calling my name and no one demanding I come to the bathroom to wipe their tush. I feel guilty that I love watching the morning news without anyone asking me to change the channel so that they can watch "Sponge Bob." I feel guilty that I love turning on my laptop and writing for hours without any interruptions.
Yes, I am guilty of enjoying a business trip. It's not that I travel all the time - I'm sure I'd probably hate going away if I had to do it on a regular basis. But every once in a while, I enjoy getting the chance to have a good night's sleep and then I can come home and appreciate everything that I have in my life - two adorable kids, a terrific husband and a cat who enjoys curling up next to me on the couch.
So the next time your family makes you feel guilty for going away on business...just remember - give up the guilt and enjoy the time away - a good night sleep in a king sized bed may be the guilty pleasure you need to make you feel like yourself again!


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