Sunday, January 07, 2007

Confessions from Design-her Gal

by Jeanne Fitzmaurice
It is freezing and icy outside tonight. There's a blizzard in the mountains all day and I am feeling sick – sick - sick. All I want is to get to bed early and rest. But No! My husband is off to Europe for a business trip this week and I always look forward to seeing what emergency will take place while he is away (it is inevitable!) Tonight I found out. My 9 year old accidentally swallowed a plastic hub cap from a toy truck. We spent the night calling emergency room and doctors to decide whether to let nature takes its course or go in and try to retrieve. By the time the phone calls went back and forth -- we are now hoping that nature will be kind and that this object will not get stuck somewhere on the way out. YIKES. I don't know if you have any children but it always seems that when his Dad is around all is fine -- but the minute he walks out the door -- the garbage disposal will explode -- the stove will catch on fire and an assortment of other fun things occur. Wonder why that is? I guess the universe wants to remind me how important he is!
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