Wednesday, January 31, 2007

*Melinda's Confession...Winner of Our Giveaway for The Pepper Kids!

Our 7 year old boy pulled me aside last Friday evening, giggling a bit, to say he had a question for me.
His giggling made me giggle and I didn't even know what the question was going to be. As we sat, cuddly style, on the stairs in our house I looked at his laughing face and beamed with pride at how grown up he has become. He is a wonderful boy, brother and student. Then he said, through his giggles, "Mom, do you and Dad sex?" My emotions went on a roller coaster...pride to shock to laughing out loud! I kept giggling with him and I asked him to repeat the question. I felt there was no need to answer it yet, as I may have completely misunderstood his question. Unfortunately, he repeated the same question, using the same words. I looked around the room to see if our 4 year old was nearby. No sign of him. I looked for my husband. No sign of him. I took a deep breath and asked my 7 year old if he could explain to me what he was asking. He said that I should know. I told him I wasn't sure what he was talking about, but once he explained it to me, I would be sure to let him know if his father and I were partaking. With the realization that I might share a secret with him, he got serious. He explained that he had been told that to "sex" is when a boy and girl take off their shirts and hug. He burst into laughter from embarrassment. I was trying not to let the tears in my eyes run down my face so quickly. After we had calmed one another I said to him. What you need to know about the word sex is that YOU are of the male sex and I am of the female sex. We also discussed the body parts that made us fit into these categories. He seemed satisfied with my answer and I took another deep breath. Shortly after, I phoned his teacher to let her know that this information was passing through her room and to be aware. She was very thankful.


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