Friday, January 19, 2007

Folk Dance Frenzy

Was out late for our book event a few nights ago and the very next morning my daughter looks at me and says, "Mommy are you staying home today?"
"No Becca I have to go to work."
"But Mommy - you were supposed to watch me dance today!" "Dance - you never told me anything about a dance. I never saw a note about it."
"But Mommy, there was a note, you just didn't read it and now you're not coming."
At this point, my daughter breaks into tears and I start contemplating whether or not anyone will notice if I walk into the office at 11 am after being completely AWOL the day before. And so, I pick up the phone and called the mom connection - the one mom who may have a handle on what the heck is going on that day in class.
"Robin - do you know anything about a Chinese Folk Dancing shindig at school today that we're supposed to attend?" I ask.
"Chinese folk - no I don't think so....Jake - do you have some dance thing today?...Mommy - I don't know."
"So you don't know either," I reply.
"Look, I'll get to the bottom of this and call you back."
As I proceed to go back into the bathroom and get ready for work, my daughter comes in again. "I think I know what I have today Mommy. Today we learn the dance and parents can come and watch. Then next week we will perform the dance and parents can watch too. It's all messed up in my head - I don't know if you have to come today or not."
A few minutes later, the phone rings - Robin called another reliable mom and we finally got to the bottom of the situation - watching today was optional, the performance is next week at 1pm - very convenient for a working mom and we had to decide if we wanted to watch the kids learn the dance or perform it. Considering I had been away from my office for over 24 hours, I opted to watch her dance next week.
Guilt trip least until it's time for her to learn the Irish Jig.


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