Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An Addendum...Even Meredith Viera Can't Skate

So here I am recovering from my daughter's harrowing ice skating party when I come to find out that Meredith Viera - Role Mommy of all time - can't skate either. Click Here to see what happened to her while she was interviewing Will Ferrell about his new ice skating movie. Honestly, after seeing that, I'd be curious to find out how many people have been injured this year while ice skating - between all the spills at my party, plus the kids I see slamming into the ice on a regular basis, something tells me the injuries must be staggering. I think it's time we start enforcing ice skating safety rules...helmets are a must - this is a serious sport and if you can't skate - well you shouldn't take any chances - with your safety, or your child's. Okay...I'm off my soap box.


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