Friday, March 16, 2007

I Love Fruit Snacks

I confess. I enjoy working from home two days a week. I also enjoy raiding the pantry and finding bad kiddy snacks when that 4pm hunger pang inevitably sets in. Sure I could grab a rice cake. But that would be too boring. Who needs that when I can have an entire bag full of welch's fruit snacks, or a box of nutter butter cookies or handful of m&m's from a goody bag with some extra candy lying around the bottom of that plastic spongebob bag. I know - it's not good to be a nosher. In the course of a year, I'll probably add another 10 pounds with my senseless noshing, but sometimes, a kiddy snack is the only thing I crave. Who doesn't love a devil dog when you're really feeling like you've hit a creative brick wall? And twinkies - sure they're made of paint or plastic or some weird rock that I remember reading about in the New York Times magazine, but dammit, it's good! Even when I pour my kids their cereal in the morning and one of them tells me they didn't want the Corn Pops, they would rather have the Cocoa Krispies, I gladly change their order and slurp up their leftovers. Yes, I'm a kiddy snacker and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Now if only my kids wouldn't give me a hard time when their last piece of bazooka Joe's goes missing, I'll be able to continue with my secret snacking mission and escape undetected. Oops, I guess if they know how to find my blog, then the jig is officially up.

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