Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cat Tales

In my haste to keep a day job, side job, kids and husband happy and well-fed (big shout out to Balducci's and California Pizza Kitchen for that one), I've found myself neglecting one member of my family and frankly, I just don't know what to do. Now don't worry, I'm not ignoring one of my kids - that's physically impossible since the minute I try to do something by myself they're pretty close behind asking me where I'm going, kicking me off my computer so they can play the fishing game on Club Penguin; begging me to help them build a monster sized lego tower or demanding that I listen to them sing their favorite song ("We're all in this together" or "If I only had a brain"). But after I've devoted most of my attention to my kids and my husband, when I finally retire to the den to pass out on the couch, our frisky feline decides its time to get a piece of the action.
Every single night of the week my cat climbs right next to me, then stretches out and starts scratching the wall with a cringeworthy sound that seems eerily simliar to screechy nails on a blackboard. Then, when I try to tell him to go scat, he thinks I'm playing with him and proceeds to swat at me with his paw. After enduring this exercise about 5 or 6 times, he finally gives up and leaves me alone. But then, when I head to bed, he's back at it again. Climbing on top of my chest and even scratching my face in the middle of the night to wake me up. This weekend, out of nowhere I tried to kick him off of my chest sometime around 3am and he scratched my finger so badly that he drew blood! I was so dazed and confused I thought I was attacked in a dream.
And then, this morning, my cat really gave out a desperate cry for attention when he walked up to my laptop computer and started rubbing his head against it. Hmmmm....does he think since I can be found writing in my spare time, that I'll show him some love while blogging away on my keyboard? I guess that can't be so bad. The poor cat has been pretty lonely since he lost his brother a few months back. The least I can do is take a break from my Toshiba so I can share the love. So good night little laptop. I'm off to pet my cat.


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