Monday, April 30, 2007

Diet Time

It's springtime and that means one thing. My pants are too damn tight and it's time to go on a diet....again. I can't believe that every year, I face the same dilemma. Five pounds heavier, can't find anything to wear and I've got to figure out which diet plan I'll be giving a whirl this year. This time around I'm trying out Weight Watchers online. Don't have time for meetings, not in the mood for some snarky woman to weigh me each week and not interested in having meals delivered to my house, only to gain the weight back the minute I stop forking over $150 per week to lose 1 pound. In the last two years, I've tried the Zone and L.A. Weight Loss and am now back on the WW train. So far, I've made it through two days and counting but haven't logged on yet to enter in the points I've used for the day. Oh, that's right - you're supposed to keep a running log of what you've eaten so that you can track if you're actually on track with the plan. Oops. Guess tomorrow's another day - will I lose 15 pounds before the summer? Doubtful - but hopefully, something inside my head will finally switch back on and I'll be a weight loss machine. Something tells me, that's not happening. Anyone have the number of a good plastic surgeon?


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