Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Do you know what sound can drive you to the point of insanity? Well many sounds come to mind - nails on a blackboard, blood curdling screams, the incessant dripping of a water faucet, but the most painfully annoying sound that has driven me nuts today is drilling.
You see, the drilling started at 11am when I had to visit the dentist for what I thought would be a short stint as we patched up a cavity that had cracked. WRONG. One very large needle, several large instruments in my mouth and about 45 minutes of drilling later, I finally was good as new. Of course, my lip and jaw were completely numb and when I drank I looked like a feeble old woman, but other than that, I was on top of the world.
But then I came back home and went to my bat cave where I began following up on emails and returning phone calls when that nasty drilling sound started all over again. But this time, the drilling came from my backyard - we have to add some windows in our basement (which is currently a fire hazard without them) so a few men with drills have been taking aim at our foundation and attempting to cut a hole through 60 year old rock in order to put in a brand spankin' new window. I spent about an hour listening to the drilling drone on and on until I had to pick up my daughter from school to take her and my son back to the dentist for some more, you guessed it, drilling.
We arrived back at the dentist and my son took his turn first and let me tell you, he was an absolute pro - the drill screeched right through his head and he sat their stoic, like a tree - letting the dentist clean out the "sugar bugs" and fill the spot with a "silver star" in less than 15 minutes. My daughter on the other hand, was squirming around so much that her turn took a bit longer...more like 35 minutes with intermittent drilling and polishing, whining, writhing and complaining on her part and finally she finished and it was time to head back home to the drilling.
Well, it's now 5:30 pm and the drilling has been non-stop since we've come back. I had to hide inside one of our bedrooms to hop on a conference call, hoping the parties on the other end wouldn't hear the drilling in the background. Even my cat is going nuts from the drilling...that reminds me - the drillers locked the door where we have the cat's litter box...I better run and help him out or else there will be something much more offensive than drilling that I'll be contending with today. Nothing like the smell of cat urine to make you appreciate the melodious sounds of drilling.


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