Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hillary According to the New York Times...the Party is Over

To the editors at the New York Times:
Can you please stop blatantly endorsing Barack Obama in nearly every article you publish?  It's getting a bit obvious.  I mean, I even voted for the guy but the effusive praise it's getting a bit tired.  I do believe he definitely bounced back when he gave that eloquent speech this week that attempted to put out the flames on all the negative press swirling around his pastor who had made derogatory comments about rich white men and even endorsed a well known anti-semite, but now after all has been forgiven, I'm starting to feel really bad for Hillary Clinton.
Today's NY Times goes on and on and on about New Mexico's Governor Richardson's endorsement of Obama.  The same man who spent Superbowl Sunday with Bill Clinton, who was given numerous positions in the Clinton cabinet, turned his back on his old friend, didn't return his calls and drank the Obama Kool Aid.  "Yes we can!" Gulp!
Hillary, as much as I'd hate to admit it, if it were up to the NY Times, Obama is going to get that nomination.  Plus, that Times article about your involvement in the peace process in Northern Ireland isn't helping your cause either.  Sure as a First Lady, you probably made lots of phone calls and had tons of teas with all the leaders in Ireland but when it came time to sign any treaties, you were banished to the tea room and let the men take over to sign on the dotted line.  Let's face it.  You're not going to win the presidency this time around.   That doesn't mean you won't be president one day - but right now, things are not looking to good for you.  But if I were you, I wouldn't let the media praise of Obama and all that negativity get you down.
Take the high road like Al Gore.  Produce a movie, win an Academy Award and an Emmy and realize that there are better things out there than being President.  And judging from the sex scandals among all these politicians, who needs politics anyway - they're all a bunch of pompous power mongers who can't really relate to what the rest of the nation is going through anyway.   
And as for Obama - I'm thoroughly impressed by your words, your intelligence and your charisma - I just hope that once you and John McCain get into the ring that it won't turn into a boxing match.  You've already got the gray lady in your corner and the reliably conservative NY Post - maybe you should quit while you're ahead and just become the Governor of NY.

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