Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hillary Threw Sand in My Eye!

Is it just me, or is anyone else sick and tired of watching Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pointing fingers at one another as if they were two tattling kids in a sandbox? While they may not literally be saying things like "Hillary just threw sand in my eye," that's the message I've been getting lately as the two candidates punch, kick,
bite and whine their way to the finish line.
At the beginning of the presidential race, I was interested to hear what plans both candidates had in store for our nation. But in the last two months, the campaign has not only turned ugly, it's become downright childish. An Obama aide calls Hillary a "monster" and gets fired. Geraldine Ferraro says Obama wouldn't be doing so well if it weren't for his race and she gets kicked to the curb. Hillary says she'd love to have Obama as her vice president and Barack says, "No thanks, I'm beating you so why would I want to be your #2?" Na, na, na, na, na, na!
The playground politics have got to stop here and now. I do not want to see two political hopefuls be reduced to bratty kids who whine and tattle at every turn. Thanks, Hillary and Barack, but I get enough of that at home. So please stop acting like children and get back to the task at hand. If not, this Mom just might throw her hands up in disgust and give both of you a time-out.


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