Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mom MD

I don't know about you, but whenever my husband or my kids get sick, I become everyone's nursemaid.  This week, as the weather continues to go from cold to spring-like to cold again, everyone came down with something.  My son out of nowhere spiked a raging fever - of course, after hours so we had to take him to a medical clinic to check him out and then my daughter came down with an awful cold and cough and kept taking her temperature every 10 minutes hoping her illness would warrant a doctor visit too.
Then there's my husband, who usually goes for about two weeks at a time before something starts bugging him.  This week he probably has a head cold but he's thinking it's something way more serious - he always does.  I know I shouldn't just dismiss it as if he's delusional, but unfortunately, my mother-in-law is a fanatic when it comes to getting sick - she's literally at the doctor's office at least once a week.  In fact, I think it rivals her appointments at the beauty parlor. 
And somehow, amidst all the germs, the coughing, the wheezing, the sneezing and the 102 temperature, I've managed to build up some crazy resistance to whatever they throw at me.  Since I went out on my own, I have not caught a cold, which is amazing since I used to catch at least 3-4 colds per season.  I guess there are perks to working out of a freezing cold basement home office.  But let's get back to the patients.
This entire week I've been giving my kids cold medicine and children's motrin, bouncing into walls looking for a washcloth so I could put a cold compress on my son's head, preparing tea with honey for my daughter and finding the perfect girl scout cookie to go along with it, and telling my husband if he feels sick, then make an appointment with the doctor.  You see, I am not only Florence Nightengale, I'm also a therapist.  
The funny thing is that while my son was the one who was the sickest this week, he hardly complained (gotta love him), but my DH and daughter could rival each other on who felt sicker.  I know I may sound harsh and I may one day regret my constant feeling that people in my house overreact to their illnesses but sometimes it would be nice to just accept a cold for what it is.  A cold.  And realize that if you have a headache, it's just a headache.  Sure, there's always the chance it could be more serious, but my theory is simple on that subject.  If you're not coughing up or pooping out blood, passing out or having chest palpitations, then you are as healthy as a horse.    
And that's my free diagnosis of the day.

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